Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Data Management

Experience business agility, scalability, and innovation across clouds. Simply and efficiently move workloads and data between on premises and any cloud. Build once, deploy anywhere, any cloud.

Designed to meet your multi-cloud strategy

Freedom to choose cloud compute of your choice and flexibility to easily move data among cloud providers with speed, performance and no costly fees.

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform

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Many challenges, one solution, unlimited benefits

Unlock the power of best-of both worlds storage and data management – Cloud and On-premises, with efficient and secure bidirectional mobility, application workload mobility and protection, agile automation, multi-cloud flexibility, best in class security, unified hybrid management, delivered through pay-as-you-go consumption-based model.

Data Mobility

Your data, where you need it. Support faster application dev and test, expedite analytics and enhance risk management without any costly data egress charges, no vendor lock-in and minimal data gravity.

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Data Protection

Disaster recovery or backup from anywhere to anywhere with simplified administration and self-service restores while making cloud cost effective, long term retention, reuse, archive and compliance.

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Cloud Economics

Reinvest savings to innovation and growth with everything-as-a-service with no start-up or maintenance costs that fit the needs of most IT budgets.

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On-Premises in the Cloud

Experience of on-premises in the cloud with complete control over your data, a platform as easy to use as native cloud storage, the reliability and features your application need and global visibility to manage data no matter where it is stored.

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Unleash the power of HPE Cloud Volumes

HPE Cloud Volumes hybrid-cloud solution offers agility in an on-demand, self-service, simple model at elastic scale. Instantly spin up instances and have copies to data available to support: Hybrid Dev/Test – Develop in cloud, deploy on-premises; Hybrid Analytics – Run production on-premises, run AI/Analytics in the cloud, scale elastically; Hybrid Disaster Recovery (DR) – run in one cloud, recover to another or run on-premises, recover in the cloud.

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Smaller Capacity Application

Your estimated cost

Month to Month: $1,081

Prepaid: $1,000

  • Includes:
  • General Purpose Flash
  • 2 TiBs capacity
  • 20,000 IOPs
  • 24/7 enterprise support
  • And more

Large Capacity Application

Your estimated cost

Month to Month: $10,481

Prepaid: $10,000

  • Includes:
  • Premium Flash
  • 20 TiBs capacity
  • 125,000 IOPs
  • 24/7 enterprise support
  • And more

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